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Basic Rules

  • There are 4 field players and a Goal Keeper (GK).

  • Home Team is listed first on the schedule. Home team must change jerseys if there is a conflict in color with the away team.

  • Away Team is listed second on the schedule. 

  • Any new team who does not have their uniforms must provide bibs for their team.

  • No offside.

  • GK can only play the ball (by feet or hands) for 4 seconds in their own half.


Match Time

  • 24 minute halves. (Running Clock)

  • 3 minutes for half time.


  • Group of 4 teams: Round Robin. All teams will play 3 games. The team with the most points will be crowned Champions.

  • Group of 6 teams: All teams will play 3 games. Not all teams will play each other. The team with the most points will be crowned Champions.


  • 6 Points for each win

  • 3 Points for each tie.

  • Zero points for a loss

  • 1 Point for a shutout.

  • 1 Point for each goal scored up to a maximum of 3 goals per game.

  • Minus 1 point for each player or coach ejected (red carded).

Tie Breakers

If teams are tied on points after preliminary games, the following tiebreaker system will be used to determine the champions.

  • 1. Head-to-head competition

  • 2. Goal differential

  • 3. Goals allowed

  • 4. Goals scored

  • 5. FIFA penalty kicks.


  • Champions will receive a Championship Trophy and players will receive Championship Medals.


  • Free substitutions are made “on the fly”.  Players can only enter or leave the game in the substitution areas marked by their respective benches, and a player may only enter a game after the player they are replacing has left the field.


Kick off

  • You can play the ball any direction on a kick off.

  • Opposing players must give 3 yards until ball is in play.


Ball Out of Play

  • Kick in. No Throw-ins.

  • Opposing players must give 3 yards until ball is in play.

  • Goals cannot be scored from kick-ins.


Futsal for Goal Kicks

  • When the offensive team puts the ball over the end line, the other team gets the ball.  The goalie must throw the ball within 4 seconds of retrieving it and put it back into play by throwing it.  The throw must leave the penalty area. Opposing team must stay out of penalty area during a goal clearance.   If a player touches ball before it leaves penalty area, GK retakes the throw.


Corner Kicks

  • Kick is taken at the point where goal line and touch line meet (at corner).


Fouls and Misconduct

  • Futsal is a minimum contact sport. However, some contact may occur, as long as it is done in a legal manner. It cannot be done by play that is careless, reckless, or with excessive force.

  • No opponents are nearby, a player may slide to intercept or direct the ball. No foul results.

  • Contact is made with an opponent in a careless, reckless or excessive force manner (or if referees believe that such contact could have resulted). An accumulated foul results in a direct free kick.

  • Any player receiving a red card will not be able to play in the remainder of the game the red card was issued and the next scheduled game.


Sliding Exceptions

  • The GK is allowed to slide in an attempt to clear the ball, if in referees’ judgment, the slide is an attempt only to make contact with the ball, not the opponent. If GK slide is at least careless (a foot in air, a hook, rolling tackle) it is a foul and possibly a card-able offense. A field player may slide in instances where there is not an opponent close by and no injury is likely to occur. This would most likely happen when a player is attempting to stop the ball from going out of bounds or in the goal.


Fouls resulting in Direct Kick

  • Kicking or attempting to kick an opponent

  • Tripping or attempting to trip an opponent

  • Jumping at an opponent

  • Charges an opponent

  • Strikes or attempts to strike an opponent

  • Pushes an opponent

  • Holding an opponent

  • Hand ball

  • Opposing players must give 3 yards until ball is in play if not a penalty kick.

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